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December 17, 2012
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Important stuff to be known:

[f/e/c] = favorite eye color, [f/n] = friend's name, [f/b/n] = favorite boy name
Alrighty, I think that those are the only ones that aren't normally in reader inserts, but if I missed any… I think you guys are smart enough to figure 'em out ;) (either use context clues, or you can ask me in the comments and I'll be happy to answer ^.^ )


Your [e/c] eyes widen in shock as the kind and gentle voice that you've come to love so much hisses at you, "Get out.  How many times do I have to tell you that we're through?  Just go!"  Those [f/e/c] eyes that usually hold such love, now show no emotion.  Well, fine then.  If that's how he's going to play, then so be it.  You force yourself to narrow your eyes at him, and growl the harshest words you can think of, though you don't really want to.

"I wish that you had never fallen in love with me."  Now it's his turn to be hurt.  You had both been madly in love at one point, and you both knew it.  Apparently, he doesn't feel the same way anymore though.  The best time of your life is over.  Not wanting to see him anymore, and not wanting him to see you cry, you turn on your heel, walking away from the man who you loved, who you somehow allowed to snatch up the past two years of your life, and slam the door behind you as you go.  As you walk through your cold town with tears streaming down your face, snow begins to lightly fall, swirling around you.  Normally you love the snow, so clean and pure and bright, but not today.  

"Oh great," you think, "Just another thing to keep my mind on that stupid man…"  Then, deciding that you are going to be strong, at least until you get to [f/n]'s house - her fridge is stocked with tubs of Ben & Jerry's, and her shelves full of chick flicks - you begin wiping your face dry.  

But just then, you hear the faintest whisper of a voice, carried by the wind, wondering, "[y/n], what's wrong?"  That voice… It's so familiar… The name of its owner is just on the tip of your tongue… You whirl around to face the direction of where it came from, but there's no one there.  

"Alright, it's official.  I am insane," you mutter bitterly before turning back around, and coming face to face with a teenage boy hanging upside down - on thin air - grinning at you as he says, "Maybe you are…  What's so awful that I come home to find you crying in public?  Last I checked, you would never do such a thing!"  That lopsided smile, those big blue eyes, that shock of silvery-white hair…

"Jack!" You shriek, enveloping him in a hug now that he's right-side up.

"[y/n]!" He shouts back, wrapping his arms around your small frame.  You expect him to let go after a moment, push you off, but he allows you to keep holding onto him as your feelings start to well up.  His grip on you tightens as you suddenly begin sobbing into his chest, "Jack… Jack… Where have you been?  I've needed you here… I needed you to keep telling me that he would end up leaving me… Maybe then it wouldn't hurt so bad…"  As the words escape your lips in short gasps, his hand stops rubbing small circles on your back.  He holds you out at arms' length, looking at you, now serious, and asks, "What did the jerk-off do?  … No, no… wrong question… How are you holding up?  Will you be alright?"  

Your eyes turn down and you sniffle, "I… I'm not sure… he said that he doesn't love me anymore… he kicked me out.  I don't have a place to stay, since… Mom and Dad… are gone… and I don't want to be a burden to [f/n]… And I'm sad.  Really sad.  I… I thought that he was the one… He never even showed any signs that he was sick of me.  I guess that it was just too good to be true from the start anyways… My relationships never work out, and I bet they never will…"

Jack exclaims, "No, no!  Don't say that!  The guys that you've liked so far have all been total asses.  You just haven't met the right guy yet!  Who knows, maybe… maybe he's closer than you think…"  

"Thanks Jack… but… I still don't know what I'm supposed to do now…"

"Why, you come with me, of course!  You can stay at my place!"  Woah woah woah… Stay at Jack's place?  But you've never been there before!  And he's been gone ever since you started dating [f/b/n] in your junior year of high school, when you were sixteen… It's been two years since you last saw him!  Your worries melt away though, when he looks down at you, his face full of excited hope.

"Sure, why not?" You end up saying.  He lets out a loud whoop, before scooping you into his arms, and rising into the sky.  Your arms snake around his neck in a death hold, and you squeeze your [e/c] eyes shut as your [h/c] hair whips around your face with the force of the wind.  You never have gotten used to this one part that comes with being friends with Jack Frost.  Soon enough though, movement stops, and he laughs.  

"You can open your eyes now, silly!"  You do, and find yourself in a surprisingly modern room… You were expecting more ice, but you're surrounded by wooden walls and furniture and warmth.  All the decor is masculine, but with a touch of classic Jack among it.  

You let out a low and long whistle, and breathe, "Quite the place you've got here, Jack… This is all yours?  You did this yourself?  … This whole place is just for you?"  

He rubs the back of his neck, saying, "Yeah, it's all mine.  Tooth helped me decorate it though.  And it's usually only me… on occasion, if he's in a good mood, Bunnymund'll come stay for the night."  You nod at him, and start wandering around.  You find a small kitchen, a living room equipped with a stocked fireplace, a bathroom, and a bedroom.  It's all decorated in blacks, blues, and whites, giving it a straight-out-of-the-home-decor-catalog look, but still… so Jack.  You turn to walk out of the bedroom, but jump; Jack is once again right behind you.  

You chuckle, "You startled me, Jack!  Alright, so help me find some blankets and we can set up the couch."  You smile up at him, so thankful for your immortal friend's kindness, but his lips tug down into a slight frown.  

"I feel bad making you take the couch," he says.  "Why don't you get the bed, and I'll have the couch?"  

"No no!" You exclaim. "It's really already enough that you're letting me stay here at all!  I can't just kick you out of your own bed!"

He pauses for a moment, before a cheeky smirk comes onto his face.  "Then how about we just share… The bed is big enough for two…"  

You laugh as he wiggles his eyebrows at you suggestively, and just brush past him, announcing, "I'm going to make some cocoa… You have cocoa, right?" Without waiting for an answer, you ask him, "Do you want some too?"  

He gives you an eager nod, almost like a young child, and then says, "Do you want me to start a fire up for you in the fireplace?  … It's getting pretty cold in here…"  

"Sure," you reply as you open up four packets of cocoa mix, dumping two into each mug like you used to when you were younger.  Jack was the first person to suggest that you do that, since he knew how much you love chocolate, and the more the better!  So off he goes into the living room, as you put water into a tea kettle, and place it over the burner.  You stand at the kitchen counter, looking out the window that's above the sink, but the only things to be seen are a few trees, and thick white snow, coming down heavy.  

"Jack… why is it snowing so hard?" You call, not taking your eyes off of the window.  

"Well I don't know!  Why do you ask?"

"Because it's a blizzard!  What are you trying to do, trap me here?"  

"Maybe…" His voice comes as a whisper, right in your ear.  You let out a surprised squeal and to divert any potential attention from the blush that mysteriously spreads across your cheeks, you scold, "Jack, I swear, you are going to give me a heart attack!"  He just waves you off with a smile though, and reaches past you the split second the kettle whistles, blowing out steam.  You watch as he pours the exact same amount of water into both of your mugs, goes to the fridge and gets milk, and then to the cupboard where he pulls out a jumbo jar of marshmallow fluff.  "Tell me when," he says as he pours milk into your mug.  "When!" You exclaim once there's enough to make it nice and creamy.  He stirs that in for you, then gets a humongous spoonful of fluff and plops it right into the chocolatey liquid.  He hands the mug to you, then does his, and leads you to the living room, where the fire casts a soft glow on everything and causes the shadows to dance.  

The two of you settle down on the couch and you scoop up some fluff, licking it off of your spoon.  A rare yet comfortable silence settles between the two of you, and you raise the mug to your mouth, sipping at the sweet cocoa.  A little bit of fluff that was still in there gets on your nose, and when Jack notices, he bursts out laughing.  

"That… that's quite classy," he snorts, before wiping it off with his thumb.  You laugh along, and dip your finger into his mug to smear a bit onto his own nose.  

"Oh no, I am not getting into this inside!" He chuckles, before wiping that off as well and flicking his tongue out to lick it off of his finger.  Your eyes focus on his lips and you zone out for a moment, but then mentally slap yourself, scolding, "Come on now, what are you doing?  This isn't [f/b/n], this is your old childhood friend!"  If he noticed your little internal conflict there, he doesn't mention it, just focuses on the flames licking at the firewood.  

You suddenly think of something, and blurt, "Does the heat make you uncomfortable?"  

He turns his baby blues back on you, and answers, "No, not at all.  I mean, fires and things like hot chocolate I'm okay with… I'm never too happy in summertime though.  I think it's just constant heat that bothers me.  … Does being in the presence of an immortal make you uncomfortable?"  

He's teasing you, and you respond, "Only on the thirtieth of February.  And I'm dying to know… If constant heat bugs you… Then how can you stand to be in my presence?"  

"Ohhoho, I see what you did there…"  You two go back and forth like that for a long time in-between sips of cocoa, but before long, your eyes are drooping, and you can't stop yawns from escaping your lips.

"Okay [y/n], it's time to get you to bed," he says after you yawn for about the millionth time.  You can hardly hold your eyes open, and you hold your arms up, demanding tiredly, "Carry me."  He gets up and steps over your long-since-empty mugs, and slips his arms under your knees and back.  You wrap your arms around his neck, letting your head rest on his chest.  He carefully carries you to the dark bedroom, somehow managing to move you onto one hip to pull back the covers, and then lays you down.  

In your half-asleep state you mumble, "I need to change into pajamas… get out…"  

All he does though, is replies, "[y/n], all of your things are still at that jerk-off's house… We can go get them tomorrow, okay?"  You nod, and then the next thing you know, you're asleep.  That means that you don't see Jack pausing a moment to look at your innocent, unhurt, sleeping face, and you don't feel him climbing into bed beside you.  There's no contact for a moment, but then you shiver as his cold arms claim your torso.  You also don't hear as he murmurs into your [h/c] locks, "Open your eyes and see, [y/n], he's definitely closer than you think…"
Okay, so last night my good friend, Dahlia (:iconiamanimed:) asked me to write her a quick one-shot, and it could be on whoever I wanted... I told her that I'm not good at all at writing anything short, but she insisted that I just think something up and text it to her in little segments. So I did, but once I got to the thirteenth text she asked me to post it... So I continued writing it up on my laptop, and two hours later, this thing right here happened :dummy: So if you enjoyed this, you have Dahlia to thank! :nod: I hope you like it guuurl :iconstaredanceplz:

*Image found on Google, I just added the title*
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