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January 3, 2013
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Your heart thumps wildly in your chest as your feet pound on the soft earth, and your breaths come out in short pants.  Behind you comes the sound of heavier footsteps following you.  The shade and shadows and silence that had earlier been calm, soothing even, now torment you, playing tricks on your mind.  

Earlier that day you had left your apartment and gone out into the woods for a walk to get away from your hectic family who is currently visiting you near your college, and due to your awful sense of direction, had ended up getting lost.  As you had wandered in what you thought was the right direction, thinking about how nice it was to be in the cool shade and out of the Florida heat, you figured that as it started getting darker, you should head back.  

But you had been weaving through trees, going every which way, and therefore had no clue as to which direction to go.  So you had just picked one way to go in, and you figured that eventually you would come out somewhere, so you continued walking, even as the sun started setting.  But then, once it was dark and the chill of the evening and the creeping shadows became your enemies, you began hearing footsteps behind you.  Male footsteps.  You had started walking faster, as you had no clue who this person could be.

So here you are, darting in between trees that loom in front of you out of the black, stumbling over rocks and roots that are hidden from your vision, and panicking in your mind.  If the person would just call your name, then you would know that they know you, but they keep shouting, "Wait, miss!  Wait up!"  Could they be some sort of maniac?  Right as you think that, one of your aching feet catches on a small hole, and you fall to the ground as you let out a shriek, before trying to muffle it with one hand as tears prick your eyes.  You clutch at your ankle, which is now twisted at an odd angle, and hope with all your might that whoever it is who's been following you did not hear you.  

But the footsteps stop, and a person kneels down beside you, saying, "Haven't you heard me calling?  I was out for a walk and just wanted to help you get back out of here, it's dangerous to be out this late!  And see, you've hurt yourself!  What am I going to do with you, friend?"  He shakes his head back and forth, his brown locks swaying with his movements.  That's not what catches your attention though.  The man is wearing a mask.  The sup guy mask.  And 'friend'?  Could this be…?

"Are you alright, friend?  That looks pretty bad…  By the way, my name's Cry."  And that does it.  It's him!  In the flesh!  It's sort of funny that he's actually wearing the mask, but really, who cares?  This is one of your idols, one of your silly little Youtuber crushes… ChaoticMonki, a.k.a. Cry.

"I-it… it really hurts.  Maybe I can walk on it, though?  And my name is [y/n]."  

His face turns towards yours, although you can't really tell how well he can see you through that thing.  Then, he wonders aloud, "I'm surprised… you don't seem shocked by the fact that I'm wearing a mask…"

You blush, and say, "Well, yeah, that's because you're Cry… I watch your videos like, every day!"  He lets out a loud laugh, saying, "Well whad'ya know?  That's really cool!  Nice to meet you, [y/n]!"

You chuckle with him, then pause, before reluctantly saying, "I should probably try to get up now…"  

"Right.  Here, let me help you."  And before you can even respond, Cry has your hand in his, and he's gently tugging you up.  As soon as you have weight on your ankle though, you wobble and cry out, then bite your lip as a few tears threaten to escape.  Luckily, Cry catches you before you can tumble back to the earth, and loops his arm around your waist, asking, "You don't mind, do you?"  You shake your head, and the two of you start on your way, talking and getting to know each other after he asks which apartment building you're in.  

*It's time for a time skip, friends!*

You're still walking at least an hour later,  because after all, you had been out here almost all day, and you're starting to become dead weight.  Cry's been practically dragging you for the past who-knows-how-long, and you feel bad.  Finally, he stops, and says, "I think you need a break."

You start to answer, "Yeah, I agree… we could just sit down and lean on a tree for a…"

"Oh no no no no, not at night… This place freaks me out at night.  Reminds me of Slender Forest.  If it's okay with you, I could carry you…"

"Oh… Oh… I-if it's okay with you, I guess… I'm kinda… heavy, though.  I mean… I'm twenty-one, so…"

"No problem, no problem, just as long as we can get outta here soon… It's making me paranoid."  He flashes you a grin though, before scooping you up into his arms.  He carries you with ease, carefully stepping over any obstacles, his smooth movements slowly lulling you to sleep.  You will your eyes to stay open, but with no luck.  Soon enough, your head falls onto his chest, and he moves his mask out of the way for a moment to get a good look at you, careful not to wake you, before replacing the white object back above his nose, and trooping on.

*Another time skip, and sir, if you have any objections, than I'm sorry but you'll have to deal with it!  … Thank you…*

Once he's made it to the apartment, it's way past time for the clerk to even be there anymore, so he prods you awake, asking softly, "What room are you in?"  You tell him, and he walks over to the elevator, shifting you slightly to push the button.  It gives a ding and he steps in, then pushes the floor number.  You still haven't quite fallen back asleep yet, and he whispers, "I'm sorry that I haven't taken off my mask for you…"

You murmur back, "If you're uncomfortable taking it off, I totally understand… Just show me when you're ready, yeah?  … I will see you again, right?"  

"Yeah… Yeah, you definitely will."  Your arms wrap tighter around his neck, and you adjust your cheek where it lays on his chest, the soft fabric of his t-shirt rustling softly.  

"Thank you," he murmurs after you've dozed off again, his lips pressing gently against your silky [h/c] hair.  And then the elevator doors open again, and he steps into the hallway, quickly locating your room number.  He knocks on the door, and after a while, a sleepy looking man answers it.  He quickly perks up though, when he sees some strange guy in a mask holding his daughter.  

"Wh-what happened?" Your father sputters, before your mother rushes to the door as well too see who it is.  She lets out a gasp before saying, "Is she alright?  And who on earth are you?"

The brunette who still has you in his arms says politely, "I'm sorry for waking you up.  Your daughter is okay overall, but I think that her ankle is sprained.  And people call me Cry."

As your mother says, "So that's who you are?  She's constantly talking about you," your little [brother or sister] shuffles over as well, rubbing [his or her] eyes as [he or she] exclaims, sounding much perkier than [he or she] looks, "Did [y/n] get a boyfriend?  Is this her boyfriend?"  Cry shakes his head with a small smile, and hands you over to your father, the older man sagging slightly under your weight.  

"Well Cry, thank you very much for bringing her back safely.   You have a good night now, okay?" He grunts.

Before your dad can shut the door though, Cry says, almost timidly, "Um, sir… If you wouldn't mind, could I leave my phone number here for [y/n]?"  Your father ends up letting him in to do just that, and right before he walks out of your room, where he left the sticky-note, you mumbled his name.  His eyes widened before he chuckled softly, walking out of the room as you dreamed of the man behind the mask.
I'm sorry that this is so crappy, but just last night I started feeling sort of in the mood to write, so... I'm not entirely cured of my writer's block, but I can tell it's almost over. So I hope that you like how this came out anyways :icondummydanceplz: But wow... I would be embarrassed if Cry actually read this xD Haha, that would be pretty damn cool though :iconimthinkingplz:

TMBtM Contest: [link]

I do not own Cry (:iconcryaotic:), but he owns you ;)
I also do not own the cover picture. That is :iconkotorikun:'s, and I just added the title to it. Find her original work here: [link]
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