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December 12, 2012
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Jack's p.o.v.

Where could he have taken her?  I swear, if it's someplace that I know, that I could easily get to, I'm going to mentally die, rip all of my hair out, dig a hole for myself, and never come out.  In that order.  I've already checked and double checked every single underground cavern that Pitch every crawled into, every city that he's taken a special liking to, and everywhere he was linked to in his previous life.  Zip.  Nothing.  Nada.  Pitch Black and [f/n] [l/n] are nowhere to be found.  What kind of hell could he have taken her to???

Your p.o.v.

The next thing you know, you're on the sandy shore of an island.  Chrystal waves crash behind you as the sun warms your shoulders.  Inside you still feel frozen though.  Almost as though all emotion and feeling has stopped.  Like your heart has stopped.  You haven't lost sight of your goal though.  You turn to Pitch.  

"Well… where is he?  There's no one on this beach."  Pitch just chuckles, and points ahead to the tree-line.  Upon closer inspection, you see a large man crouching among the plants.  You take a few steps closer, pause, and then close the rest of the space between you.  Right before you tap his shoulder, you notice that he's sketching something.  

Once your finger has connected with his shoulder, though, he stops and turns to you.  You suck in a breath, hardly believing what you see.  You'd expected something to be… off.  You expected him to seem meaner, more evil… but he's the same.  He has smile lines around his mouth, and crinkles by his sparkling, cheery eyes.  

"Can I help you, miss?" His familiar deep voice asks you.  

You don't respond for a moment, but then say, "Don't you remember me?"

"I… I'm sorry… I can't say that I do…" He stops talking for a moment, studying your face, before exclaiming, "Wait…  My God… [y/n]?  How did you find me?  My God… You're so grown up!  I hardly even recognized you with that black hair of yours!"  Black hair?  But your hair is [h/c]…  

"Are you going color blind or something?  My hair isn't black…" You say, putting all other thoughts on hold.  He raises an eyebrow at you, then pulls out his phone for you to look in the reflection.  You gasp.  Your hair is raven black, seeming to glitter and glint in the sun… almost how you'd imagine grains of black sand would…  

Improvising, you just mumble, "Oh yeah… still getting used to that."  Then, you get to the point.  "Why the hell did you leave mom and I?"

Almost sheepishly, he looks down.  "I… I wanted to travel around the world, so that I could start on my art career by painting different world wonders and marvels…  I knew that [mom's name] would never want to join me, and I didn't want to have to say goodbye to you two…"  

"Is that the best you can do?  Are you kidding me?  That's no excuse for leaving your family behind!"  Your anger flairs, and you clench your fists, trembling with fury.  You have never been this angry before in your life.  Then, beside you, you hear the faintest whisper of, "Yes… yes, this is all you have to do… then this will be complete…"  You stop.  You think.  You realize.  This is what Pitch wanted.  He wanted you to get so angry, that you would burst.  You would play right into his plan.  You would not be you.  He would have made you like him.  

'No,' you think. 'I am [f/n] [l/n].  I can control this feeling.  I am my own person.  Pitch does not own me.  We may have a deal, but he said I could back out if I'm not too far gone.  I am calm.  I am happy.  He does not own me.  Neither does my father.  I am my own person.'  Once you are totally calm, you take one deep breath before saying, "I have nothing to say to you anymore.  I hope that you're successful as an artist.  Goodbye, Dad."  You leave him with a parting hug, and as you walk out of sight, black sand blows out of your hair with a slight breeze.  

But as you wander farther into the forest, no plan or aim, other than to get home to Jamie, Jack, and the others, darkness closes in on you, filling your vision and lungs, crushing you.  You think you're going into a delayed state of shock.  Whether it be from the fact that you were basically kidnapped by the Boogeyman, or you've just stood up to your long-lost father, you don't know, but you feel its weight taking a toll on you.  Or... Pitch isn't willing to give you up just yet.

*le time skip to spare you from more boredom*

After an eternity, blue flashes of light break through the black for a time.  Once the lights are gone, true hopelessness settles over you.  There is nothing in this bleak place.  Nothing but the endless black.  If this is where Pitch has doomed you to stay, you know that you'll go insane.  For you have a feeling that you aren't dead, per se, but you might as well be.  There is so much that you have to do, though!  If you were to wake up, you have so many dreams to reach for!  No.  Wait.  You will wake up.  You have to... right?
To those of you who I told like, two hours or so ago that this chapter would be up in a minute, I am so sorry... But right as I was about to post it, my dad got home with dinner, and then we had to go get our Christmas tree, and then I had to do Kumon, and then I forgot that I didn't edit it yet, so I had to do that as well ^^; It's up now though, so I hope you enjoy!


Warning: There are only two more chapters left... D:

I'm also sorry if you already have black hair!!! xD

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The cover was made/edited by: :icon1roxas14:, I just added the title onto it :)
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