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December 10, 2012
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Not being able to take it any longer, you swing your legs into the hole, then let yourself fall.  Slipping and sliding through underground chutes, you would almost want to laugh, if not for the dark atmosphere that grows the farther down you fall.  Finally, you land with a soft thump in an empty room.  Quickly, you pull yourself up and run down a flight of packed dirt steps, taking two at a time, until you reach the bottom and enter another, larger cavern.  Your footsteps are soft, you yourself can hardly even hear them, but as soon as you walk in, Pitch's gold eyes flick to you as he says, "Ah, here she is!  Just the girl I wanted to see!"

The Guardians whirl around, looking at you with stunned expressions on their faces.

"[y/n], I thought we told you to wait up there!  That was the one thing we asked of you!" Jack hisses, though not angrily.  He's afraid.

"And I told you that I didn't want to just sit and do nothing… I had no clue what was going on down here.  For all I knew, he could be plotting to slaughter you all as I stayed up there, oblivious," you respond, not taking your eyes off of the dark man.  You don't trust him for a second.

"Now now, don't take me for some sort of monster… Slaughtering isn't really my thing," his words slither off his tongue like a snake.  Knowing that there's nothing they can really do now that you're here, the five turn back to Pitch.  

North demands, "Now will you finally tell us what you want?"

Without a hesitation, Pitch nods his head at you.  "I want the girl."  Your eyes widen, and Jack protectively moves in front of you.  His height blocks your line of vision, and you peek around his arm.  

"Don't worry, it'll be a fair trade," the dark man assures. "Give me [y/n], and I'll return Jamie to you…"  You gasp in horror, as Pitch motions up towards a cage hanging from the ceiling, where your best friend is bound and gagged, despite already being locked up.  He looks down at you, frightened, and shakes his head, telling you not to do it.  You will not have it though.

"If I go with you, you'll let him go?" You ask cautiously.  Taking one slender finger and slashing it over where his heart is - if he even has one - Pitch promises, "Cross my heart and hope to die."  An exclamation point appears above Sandy's head as Bunny growls, "You can't seriously be considering this, can you?"  This is between Pitch Black and you now, though.  Stepping around Jack, despite his best efforts to stop you before North holds him back, knowing that this is your fight, you stop in the middle between this man whom you despise, and your dear Guardians.  

"I'll only come farther if you send Jamie to me first," you basically order.  Pitch nods his head before sending his dreadful Nightmares to fetch your brunette.  He is untied and his gag is taken away, and then they let him to the ground before walking back into the shadows so he can come to you on his own.  It seems that Pitch is actually playing this one fair.  So Jamie walks to you of his own free will, and when the two of you meet, you look deep into his eyes, asking, "Did he hurt you?  Do anything to you?"

With a shake of his head, Jamie replies, "No, he just kept me here.  He took me right after I left the pond the other day… I swear, as soon as I said those awful things to Jack, I wanted to take them back… I was just so worried about you!"  

"Jack Frost would never let someone die under his watch… You should know that best by now, you numbskull!  Imagine how worried I was about you when I couldn't find you after you left!  … And I guess that this is goodbye, once again.  Remember what I said though… Jack won't let anything happen… None of them will!  So don't go doing anything too extremely stupid!" Your words are playful and brave, but your mind is consumed with terror.  And then, you push him back to the Guardians.  As soon as his shirt's fabric is no longer touching your fingertips, Nightmares rush forwards and herd you to Pitch, blocking your friends, and replacing them with the blackest darkness you have seen in your life.
... I'm really proud of this part... It's getting intense now, yeah? ;D I hope you enjoy it! :icongrouphugplz:

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Part 9: You're already here, silly goose!
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The cover was made/edited by: :icon1roxas14:, I just added the title onto it :)
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