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December 2, 2012
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You're in your bedroom at eleven o'clock at night watching Pewdiepie play the final few episodes of The Walking Dead, save for the very last, which was rumored to be out tonight.  You've been waiting for forever to see these, and are getting so into it, when suddenly you hear an irritated voice shout, "[f/n], turn off that damn computer already!  That voice is driving me insane!"  You groan, as you're almost finished with one of the videos.  

"Can't I just have a few more minutes?" You plead.  No such luck is coming your way at the moment.  Your mother barges in, hissing at you, "I told you to turn it off!  It's giving me a headache!"

"But Mom!  There are just four more minutes!" You whine.  And then comes the slap.  You don't even feel her hand connect with your cheek, as you go numb immediately.  Your [e/c] eyes dim as you glare up at her.

You simply say, "I'm done."

"What does that mean?" Your mother scoffs.

"It means that I'm not taking this anymore!  I am nineteen years old, dammit!  I'm leaving!" You growl.  

"Oh?  And where will you stay?  How will you possibly be able to find an apartment that's as close to your college as here that you can afford?"  Your dad walks in right as your mother asks this.  

"Now, now.  What's wrong?" He asks, forever the peace-maker.  

"[m/n] just slapped me.  I'm leaving.  I'm going to find an apartment.  Or I'll stay with [friend's/n], if I have to.  I'm not staying here another minute though."  You start grabbing clothes and personal items and are shoving them into your backpack and single suitcase.

"Come on, [f/n], don't be hasty," your dad says uneasily.  

"I'm not being hasty.  I've been planning on leaving for so long.  Tonight was the last straw," you spit, zipping your bags and hauling them downstairs.  Before your parents can say another word, you have your [c/c] coat in your hand, and the door is slamming behind you.  

~le time skip~

You sigh, aimlessly walking down the sidewalk, not quite knowing where to go.  Finally, giving up on thinking of people who wouldn't just bring you straight back home, you plunk down on a cold metal bench next to the McDonald's.

'At least I still have Pewdie to fall back on,' you think as you pull your iPod out of your pocket and turn on Youtube, resuming where you left off at home.  

"Hahaha, how's it goin' bros?" Comes the familiar voice out of your small device, causing you to smile as you huddle over trying to keep warm in the freezing weather.  You watch the remaining available videos, and then, right when you're going to figure out something else to do, some goofball just coming out of the McDonald's trips, almost dropping his soda, and then says, "Oops, sorry Mr. Plant," before chuckling.  You're about to go back to your own business, when you double-take.  'Wait…  Mr. Plant?  That slight accent…  His odd laugh…'  You turn off your iPod quickly and look up, right as this man is about to walk past you, and you look closely at his scruffy dirty blonde hair, his slight whiskers, a scarf around his neck instead of the green headphones.  It's him…  It's the Pewdiepie.  

Before you even think to stop yourself, you quietly call out, "Felix?  Pewdie?"  He stops a few feet away from you, and turns around.

"Hmm?  I'm sorry, do I know you?" He asks politely.  

"Oh… Um, no… I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me just then," you laugh nervously.  

"But you know me…"  A smile lights up his face, as he says, "How's it goin', bro?"  You grin back, before your smile falters.  He notices, and suddenly his expression changes to concern.  

"Are you alright, um…?" He asks, sitting next to you.  

Not sure how to answer, you just stupidly say, "Um… Um…  [f/n].  [f/n] [l/n]."

"Alright, what's wrong, then, [f/n]?"  

After a moment's hesitation, you mumble, "I basically just ran away from home…  I don't have anywhere to stay…"  

"Well…  Y-you could stay at my house for tonight… If you want, of course," the Swedish man stammers.

"Oh no no, I don't want to be a burden!" You exclaim, as another fit of shivers overtakes you.

Becoming bolder, he wraps his own scarf around your neck, saying, "It wouldn't be a burden… and really, I can't just leave you out here on your own… You're a young girl alone on a bench at midnight in winter next to a McDonald's… So many things could go wrong in this situation!"  

"I… I guess if you put it that way," you mumble.  

Taking your suitcase, he says, "Cool, follow me, then."  He drives you to his house and lets you in, turning on the lights.  But then, when he sees your face in the light, he gasps.

"Oh my God…  What happened to you?" Pewdiepie gasps.  

"Urm… my mom slapped me…" You say.  Now that your attention is on that, your cheek starts getting tingly, letting you know that it's finally going to start stinging.  And it does.  The pain basically hits you out of nowhere, the most delayed reaction in the history of ever, no doubt, and you suck in a breath.  Again, this doesn't go unnoticed.  

"Let me help you with that, [f/n]," Pewdie says, leading you to the bathroom.  "Now wait here."  You do as you're told, sitting down on the bathroom counter, before he returns with a washcloth and some ice.  First, he gently prods at it, earning a wince from you.  
"Sorry, sorry," he whispers while getting the washcloth a bit wet.  Next, he carefully dabs at your cheek, the cool water that drips from the cloth and down your face helping a bit.  Then he puts the ice in the cloth and holds it to your cheek.  You feel such relief, and let out a contented sigh.  

"Okay, just hold that there and the swelling and pain should go away soon," he says kindly.  He than begins showing you where the guest bedroom and kitchen and "game room" are.  

"Um… so [f/n], I was going to be filming another episode of The Walking Dead tonight, if you want to watch right here…  Well, I actually already started on it, but spilled my soda and went to get another…  So whad'ya say?"  You eagerly nod, and Pewdie chuckles before you settle down on the couch, and him in a chair in front of the computer.  That doesn't last for long though.  

"[f/n], how about you sit here next to me?  You can help me figure out what my game plan should be!"  How could you possibly turn down that offer?  So you and him squish next to each other on the small chair.  He re-starts the video, and introduces you with him, as his new-found friend, [f/n].  When he starts, there's so much banter and sassing going on between the two of you, but as you go through the game, though, it becomes more and more sad.  Pewds makes it to a point where Lee tells Clem that she's going to have to shoot him, and you start tearing up.  And then, later in the game, she does.  You lose it.  Tears are streaming down your face, you're sniffling, and you hide your face in your hands.  Felix takes one look at you and then he's a total goner too.  He ends up bending over, not wanting his bros to see him like that.  

At the very end of the video, Pewdie is apologizing, when suddenly he says brightly, "Well, at least I had my new friend [f/n] here to cheer me up!"  And that's when he plants a gentle kiss on your now almost-back-to-normal cheek.  The video was in fact put up that night, and no piece of that ending was cut out.  So now, every time Felix is away from you, you have proof that your meeting at midnight isn't fake… It truly did happen.  Felix truly is yours, all yours.
Well everyone... this is my first ever reader insert, so I'm sorry if it's too long, or not long enough, or sounds weird ^^; I would love it if you would give me some constructive criticism, but please, please don't be rude! :hug:

Part 2: [link]
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