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I'm not very good at descriptions, but let's give this a try, shall we?

Hey, my name's Jay. Yoo hoo by NessaTasartir I'm 16 years old and sexuality's confusing as fuck, so we can pretty much skip that :icondojimathumbsupplz: So I'm really into art. Really. I love making art and looking at art and writing and reading and talking about doing these things and oh gosh gotta love it. And I may be really shy, but never be afraid to talk to me, I personally know what it's like to be intimidated by artists you like, but I'm really just a goofy teenager who enjoys the internet

You can also find me at:
Disney tumblr:
My blog:

LD - Stamp by Aarcheops

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Personal Favourites

Visual art and literature, yo

The Memories Stay With You by CorporalCornbread Rivaille by CorporalCornbread summertime id by CorporalCornbread
The Castle Builders [Levi/Reader]They say that death
                                       is not a problem,
                             it's a  
                                       p r o m i s e  . . .

* * *
Of course I couldn't take my tea quietly on that night; there was no way in hell she would let me.  It came as no shock to hear soft footsteps from behind as she entered, offering a soft, "Hello," as greeting.  The chair to my right scraped out, and then silence.  I waited for her to start light conversation or playfully demand I make her a cup of tea, but neither happened.  I glanced over at the usually cheerful, talkative girl, bewildered to find her slumped over, [h/c] hair curt
Fight Like a Girl [Brother!Bertl/Reader]Mikasa and Eren are nowhere in sight and the gentle blonde boy, Armin, is just laying down and taking this abuse like an obedient dog, just like every other time.  Your jaw is hanging open as you watch the bullies kick him, over and over again.  You keep thinking Armin's friends will show up, but soon you see that they're not going to, and you take it upon yourself to march over and deal with this on your own.
"Hey," you say, placing your hands on your hips sassily, "You stop that right now, or else."
The boys all look at you, expressions dubious at best, before they burst out laughing.  The one that you've determined to be the leader sneers, "Or else what?" He turns to his friends, chuckling, "What's some stupid kid gonna do about it?  And a girl at that."  
They all start laughing again, and you ball up your little fists, trembling in anger.  How dare they attack sweet old Armin?  How dare they insult your gender?  As soon as his dumb face turn

hallstake a breath.  press on.  
face the world with an iron-clad
compassion and sharp wit;
you've survived tougher.
little sharp-tongued girli build walls and barricades
around me,
tell myself i'm strong.
i don't have an explanation
for how then all these
people keep slipping in
and right back out,
leaving me crying on
my bedroom floor

"it isn't my fault,
that one wasn't supposed
to become more than
a skipped heartbeat,
i swear.
not this time."
Short People InvasionA/N: This was written in writing camp today.  The prompt was phobias.
I sit down on my couch, popcorn in one hand, tv remote in the other, bracing myself for the inevitable horror that awaits for me when I press 'power'.  A flash of light, a short burst of static, and a tired groan from the old television are all I receive to further my prolonging before they appear on the dusty screen.
The news.  Two dull reporters, droning on, tapping out their reports in morse code rather than the usual stream of ones and zeros.  It must be an emergency; no one except trained army veterans know the code anymore - I am one of those.  Or was, before they were outlawed.  The report is as bad as I thought.  The takeover has begun.
Deciding I've heard enough, I flick the channel to something more safe, more normal: the scheduled program of It's a Tall World.  Tall people - endless amounts of them - all going about their lives flood my sc

To Do

To Do List:
:bulletblue: Make a bangin' commission sheet to lure some people in
:bulletblue: Practice anatomy!!
:bulletblue: Work more on Collide
:bulletblue: Rename Collide because the title sucks okok

Books Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Dancing in the Rain by Bakerize Rock My Socks by ashesto
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Rivaille by CorporalCornbread
Jay | Panromantic | Asexual | 16
Neutral pronouns (they/them/they're)

Cherish, Dream, Live Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Atheist Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I don't care if you're not a vegetarian by Bakerize
GTFO beggars by prosaix .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Critiques wanted by prosaix

Random Facts ~
Name: Jay, but you can literally call me anything you want, as long as it's not rude.
Favorite Bands/Singers: La Dispute, Bring Me the Horizon, Pierce the Veil, Two Door Cinema Club, Of Mice & Men, Bayside, Real Friends, etc.
Favorite movies (and movie producers I suppose): Ten Inch Hero, Studio Ghibli, Disney/Dreamworks/Pixar, Pirates of the Caribbean, A Bag of Hammers, Marvel movies, Silent Hill
Favorite books (and authors): Try Not to Breathe, The Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Potter

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What should my next webcam be? 

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A Few Fandoms

Judging Fandoms by dragon-sigma
Loki Oh Hi There stamp by TwilightProwler Tom Hiddleston Stamp by AliceShion Loki by Capsicles SH Happy Holmes Stamp by TwilightProwler Benedict Cumberbatch Stamp by TwilightProwler SH Sherlock + Violin Stamp by TwilightProwler Cas Lick Stamp by SweetDuke Supernatural Season 4 Stamp by MageStiles .Sammy . Stamp. by Ranger-Sarha SA Soot Sprites Stamp by TwilightProwler Howl + Sophie Stamp II by SpHiNx9 SA Chihiro + Dragon Haku Stamp by TwilightProwler Gigi Stamp by Nocturne--Pixie Arrietty dress spin :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire Totoro Stamp by sparkycom Ponyo Sosuke Kiss stamp by TwilightProwler Welcome to Night Vale Stamp by SpoonyMacks Welcome to Desert Bluffs Stamp by SpoonyMacks La Dispute stamp by becksbeck Pierce The Veil Stamp 2 by Catosmosis Bring Me The Horizon Stamp by CyanideSeason More To Come by mysticfeline7 StreamDay by JadeofAllTrades PewDiePie Dance Stamp by Bubbleberry-chan I love Dengeki Daisy Stamp by miki8263 RhixLucy Stamp by Little-Miss-Boxie Stamp: NBC's Hannibal by tranimation-art
Welcome to Night Vale Stamp by SpoonyMacks Welcome to Desert Bluffs Stamp by SpoonyMacks
Levi Stamp 2 by OjiKiyowo

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