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I'm most active on deviantart, but you can also find me on:
super cool personal blog
skype: special.agent.idjit (if that doesn't work, try: disheartened starfish)
Undetered Kitten Stamp by TwilightProwler

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I'm not very good at descriptions, but let's give this a try, shall we?
Hey, my name's Jay. Yoo hoo by NessaTasartir I'm 16 years old and am a junior in high school :icondojimathumbsupplz: So I'm really into art. Really. I love making art and looking at art and writing and reading and talking about doing these things and oh gosh gotta love it. And I may be really shy, but never be afraid to talk to me, I personally know what it's like to be intimidated by artists you like, but I'm really just a goofy teenager who enjoys wandering the internet


Personal Favourites

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Visual art and literature, yo

them's fightin' words by CorporalCornbread where the hell is my PURPLE DRAGON? by CorporalCornbread moti armin by CorporalCornbread
Bone Divider by Gasara
Fight Like a Girl [Brother!Bertl/Reader]Mikasa and Eren are nowhere in sight and the gentle blonde boy, Armin, is just laying down and taking this abuse like an obedient dog, just like every other time.  Your jaw is hanging open as you watch the bullies kick him, over and over again.  You keep thinking Armin's friends will show up, but soon you see that they're not going to, and you take it upon yourself to march over and deal with this on your own.
"Hey," you say, placing your hands on your hips sassily, "You stop that right now, or else."
The boys all look at you, expressions dubious at best, before they burst out laughing.  The one that you've determined to be the leader sneers, "Or else what?" He turns to his friends, chuckling, "What's some stupid kid gonna do about it?  And a girl at that."  
They all start laughing again, and you ball up your little fists, trembling in anger.  How dare they attack sweet old Armin?  How dare they insult your gender?  As soon as his dumb face turn
The Price of Freedom [Rivaille/Reader]A/N: warning for manga spoiler (involving the titan shifters) and slight gore.
‘Too bright… the light is too damn bright,’ I think to myself, irked that this is how my day is going to start.  Slowly I blink open my eyes, adjusting to the brightness of the sun above me, before assessing my surroundings.  I’m on a beach of some sort, facing water.  As I sit up, curling one arm around my knees while my other hand goes to filter through the soft sand, I murmur, “This is a pretty big lake.  Just where am I?  And where’s everyone else?”
* * *
Screams for help come from all around me, but I’m only one person among a handful that seem to be doing okay not falling apart.  I can only reach so many in time.  Part of me is frustrated that these trained soldiers are struggling so much at doing their jobs, but when I hear the screams, the begging, see the blood… how could I not understand why th

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hallstake a breath.  press on.  
face the world with an iron-clad
compassion and sharp wit;
you've survived tougher.
iv.please, bury me with
daisies so one day I'll grow
to be beautiful
I don't owe you anything.I guess I owe you an apology.  I’m not good at apologies--I usually end up panicky and teary-eyed because I think I’m going to be hit.  (Or something stupid like that).  Well, here goes:
I’m sorry you got stuck with two fuck-up kids, mom.
We try to make you not hate us, we really do, but… well, your oldest loses that goal in the smoke and I just lose it.  In general.  My goals, my keys, my happiness, my drawings, my phone, my mind… it’s all relative anyway, right?  Whatever.
So here you are, in your forties.  Still married, being provided for as you’ve always been.  Congrats, things are pretty great!  When you don’t factor in the kids.
Your oldest, the son, got pulled into the wrong crowd.  Weed is a wicked mistress, momma, you’ve gotta know that.  He didn’t mean to break your heart or get arrested or punch his girlfriend.  Those things just seemed to happen, y’

To Do

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To Do List:
Skull Bullet by Gasara make a bangin' commission sheet to lure some people in
Skull Bullet by Gasara practice anatomy!!
Skull Bullet by Gasara finish chapter 5 of The Art of Saving Yourself
Skull Bullet by Gasara start chapter 7 of Clarity
Skull Bullet by Gasara get caught up with Homestuck
Skull Bullet by Gasara get caught up with Dramatical Murder
Skull Bullet by Gasara get caught up with Tokyo Ghoul
Skull Bullet by Gasara finish rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender
Skull Bullet by Gasara watch Love Stage
Skull Bullet by Gasara read Ava's Demons

Books Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Dancing in the Rain by Bakerize Rock My Socks by ashesto
Nightowl Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Starry Stamp by Mel-Rosey
Tea and Book Days Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
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Jay | panromantic | asexual | genderqueer | 16
neutral pronouns (they/them)

Cherish, Dream, Live Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Atheist Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I don't care if you're not a vegetarian by Bakerize
GTFO beggars by prosaix .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Critiques wanted by prosaix
Icon by: xXScarletButterflyXx

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What you can call me: Jay, Jagger, Corporal, Senpai
(anything is accepted as long as it's not rude though)
Favorite Bands/Singers: La Dispute, Brand New, Bring Me the Horizon, Pierce the Veil, Two Door Cinema Club, Of Mice & Men, Real Friends, etc.
Favorite movies (and movie producers I suppose): Ten Inch Hero, Studio Ghibli, Disney/Dreamworks/Pixar, Pirates of the Caribbean, A Bag of Hammers, Marvel, Silent Hill
Favorite books (and authors): The Martian, Try Not to Breathe, The Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, Harry Potter, Sarah Dessen, Ellen Hopkins

Gee and Jay sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g

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Gerard = the bae

Our-Darkest-Day :iconour-darkest-day: Our-Darkest-Day
~September 2, 2014~
I love you a whole lot, baby. You make me so, so happy, and I'm really glad you asked me to date you again. The time apart made me miss you and love you and just a lot of feelings, okay? I love you, Gerard.

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Billboard of Butterflies contest winners!

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Pumpkin bullet right by tasteofwafflefirst placePumpkin bullet right by tasteofwaffle
cancer-eyes, cancer-eyes,(i think i had wings, once, back when the
world still looked a little lighter
than the darkness--)
they told me, darling, we've got
some news about that
sickness in your bones; but not to worry, not
to worry, we'll try our best to find a way...
i used to think 'our best' was good enough, back
when i could stand on my own
two feet without slipping and sliding
as the world turned sideways; back when i was younger
and staring at the pillows on the bed
at the fallen-out hair lying on the crisp white
linen; and as tears rolled through ­
my eyelashes the apologies
poured from parent's lips, whispering promises that
tomorrow will be better, it will --
i'd spend hours staring
at my skin, wondering what code, what sequence had
gone wrong to cause a sickness without a cure -
my veins were black, not blue, and they
only carried poison; they were crossed wires, held together
with glue and stitches and strung up again
in the wrong order when they stopped working awhile -
i learned

Pumpkin bullet right by tasteofwafflesecond placePumpkin bullet right by tasteofwaffle
The Lepidopterist's CollectionWe are beautiful, he said.
Our razor-fine wings cut through
his mind;
carving our existence into him;
leaving our legacy
although creatures of such beauty never truly die anyway...
he must keep us forever.
Tiny antennae search our surroundings
that are sheltered: shielded
from the world that kills itself.
One day, he will see that he's murdering
the only creatures he can love;
when evolution recognises that
freedom is merely a stroke of luck.
We are beautiful, dead.

Pumpkin bullet right by tasteofwafflethird placePumpkin bullet right by tasteofwaffle
metayour skin is a myriad of thin lines
blood pooling from underneath the layers of cells
they are like a road map with no destination no end and no beginning
you are a road map
no end and no beginning you are infinite you are
alpha and omega because without you there is none
there is none
when you look into the mirror it is as if it is not
reflecting but projecting your own image unto yourself
cracks run deep through the glass slivers missing
it reminds you of your body
but it is still and you are not because you keep moving along
with whatever noise is inside your head
bloodied with hands or from hands or from whomever that mirror
is just a billboard of butterflies
light filtering through the cracks like the wet beating wings
of the metamorphosed insect
I'm Fine Thank You and Thank You
your voice a dissonance from the end to the beginning
alpha omega
but you will learn not touch glass shards
won't you

Pumpkin bullet right by tasteofwafflehonourable mentionsPumpkin bullet right by tasteofwaffle
Love Letter To MyselfTo the little girl who lives between my heartbeats and my rib cage,
You might not understand right now
but there'll come a time when you will,
so I'll write this to you while the words are still hanging off my fingertips.
When you walk, you don't stride like the other kids,
you two step.
Don't be afraid to get lost in your dance
even if your steps turn to three,
you'll soon figure out who can keep up
and who's not kind enough to accept the difference.
There will forever be a billboard of butterflies nailed to your chest,
it's what keeps you you.
Don't doubt their wings.
They're not strong enough right now to lift you up
but there will come a day that they will be
and it'll feel like your heart is about to pound out of your chest;
don't be afraid of leaving the ground
and don't be afraid to come back down either.
Let yourself love someone, whoever that may be
and don't ever second guess the decisions your heart makes for you.
Don't listen to the people who say you're wrong to lov

Billboard Of ButterfliesTrapped technicolour heavens,
Ayuhuasca stuck in a crystal flat.
The angels were clipped at the carnival,
rebranded as homo inevectus.
Those feelers will never find the nectar-nirvana,
because those without wings
had to trap the moment. Fair doos.
13pm: Have a spiritual epiphany.

Science glances at the corkboard dissecting table,
wondering what it would have been like
to see those genesis' fly.
What a shame,
such is the mystery
of steel nets,
I guess.
The World cries in the dark.

Custom Box Background by rydi1689

out of curiosity, how old are you all? 

36 deviants said 16-18
21 deviants said 13-15
8 deviants said older
7 deviants said 19-21
2 deviants said 12 or under

A Few Fandoms

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Judging Fandoms by dragon-sigma
Loki Oh Hi There stamp by TwilightProwler Tom Hiddleston Stamp by AliceShion Loki by Capsicles SH Happy Holmes Stamp by TwilightProwler Benedict Cumberbatch Stamp by TwilightProwler SH Sherlock + Violin Stamp by TwilightProwler Cas Lick Stamp by SweetDuke Supernatural Season 4 Stamp by MageStiles .Sammy . Stamp. by Ranger-Sarha SA Soot Sprites Stamp by TwilightProwler Howl + Sophie Stamp II by SpHiNx9 SA Chihiro + Dragon Haku Stamp by TwilightProwler Gigi Stamp by Nocturne--Pixie Arrietty dress spin :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire Totoro Stamp by sparkycom Ponyo Sosuke Kiss stamp by TwilightProwler Welcome to Night Vale Stamp by SpoonyMacks Welcome to Desert Bluffs Stamp by SpoonyMacks La Dispute stamp by becksbeck Pierce The Veil Stamp 2 by Catosmosis Bring Me The Horizon Stamp by CyanideSeason More To Come by mysticfeline7 StreamDay by JadeofAllTrades PewDiePie Dance Stamp by Bubbleberry-chan I love Dengeki Daisy Stamp by miki8263 RhixLucy Stamp by Little-Miss-Boxie Stamp: NBC's Hannibal by tranimation-art
Welcome to Night Vale Stamp by SpoonyMacks Welcome to Desert Bluffs Stamp by SpoonyMacks
Levi Stamp 2 by OjiKiyowo

Custom Box Background by Gasara


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So uh, point commissions are open and stuff, and I'd really like to draw stuff for you guys o3o

Commission Info: corporalcornbread.deviantart.c…

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